Exclusive Natural Antibacterial Ingredient

Our RD team has innovated a patent for artificial materials containing skin-friendly materials and medicinal fungal extracts. To promote wound healing and benefit the vast number of medical and sick people in need; Moreover, preliminary animal experiments have confirmed that the effect is better than that of commercially available products, especially for wound testing in diabetic animal models, and has the effect of significantly promoting wound healing.

Wounds occur when the skin is damaged

Quite a few reasons may affect wound healing process and timing.

In order to accelerate wound healing and reduce the risk of secondary wound infection, it is necessary to attach appropriate dressings to the wound; Although there are many options for dressings to promote wound healing on the market, the treatment effect is still not satisfactory, such as: easy to cause wound stickiness, poor air permeability, poor water absorption, insignificant wound healing effect, and skin allergies and irritation at the attached dressing site.

In order to solve the above problems

Using the latest core extraction technology
Exclusive Natural Antimicrobal Ingredient

We have combined MEDIACE® with dressings, and after repeated experimental tests and verification by academic research units, we have developed this natural antimicrobial artificial dressing that can widely antibacterial, inhibit inflammation and promote wound healing.
This patented dressing has great absorption, can absorb a large amount of tissue fluid exuding from the wound, create a slightly humid environment suitable for wound healing, and also release natural antibacterial ingredients, effectively reduce the risk of external secondary bacterial infection of open wounds, and use its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects to kill bacteria on the wound, reduce the probability of wound infection and inflammation, accelerate wound healing and shorten the course of the disease, which is nothing more than a great boon for the majority of medical and patient communities.

Being productive in government project
CategoryTitleGross / SubsidiesPerformance
imgDuration:03, 16, 2019~11, 30, 2019
Develop and regulate immune feed additives with edible eubiotic technology
1.6/0.8 MillionScan Antrodia camphorata strain
imgDuration:09, 01, 2019~12, 31, 2019
Application of food additive fermentation technology to develop feed additive plan
0.2/0.2 MillionSignificantly boost the immunity of chickens
imgDuration:05, 01, 2020~10, 31, 2020
Development plan for hydrogel sprays with abundant natural antibacterial polymer materials
1.7/0.7 MillionSuccessfully prepared sprayable antibacterial water glue