The story of AMS BioteQ

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” -Albert Einstein.

Every brand has its mission! Anti-Microbial Savior BioteQ (aka AMS) is born to solve antibiotic resistance, and we are committed to becoming an antimicrobial master in biomedical industry in the near future. With the second-to-non extraction technique-ExtrOTM, AMS has faith we are capable of opening any doors to connect with world-class teams and elites, creating a win-win situation and lucrative business.

For the record, "Savior" is not a quick arrogant vocabulary here, but like a realm that we will eventually achieve after reaching every step according to the correspondent milestone.

The spirit of AMS is 3Q, which represents for finding questions, solving questions, and extending questions. Hence, it’s not hard to realize we insert “Q” into our company title as BioteQ. The 3Q belief will give us the strongest momentum to make ourselves better. Self-sustaining evolution is more meaningful than surpassing competitors.