Breaking Through the Dengue Fever Treatment

Breaking Through the Dengue Fever Treatment

Despite the ongoing prevalence of dengue fever in Taiwan, the primary method of epidemic prevention in our country still relies on traditional mosquito spray. The main reason is that there is currently no approved therapy for dengue fever, and infected individuals can only receive supportive treatment using drugs to alleviate symptoms. More than half of the global population is threatened by dengue fever, with nearly 80% of cases occurring in the Asian region. In 2019, the World Health Organization even included it as one of the top 10 global public health issues. Given this backdrop, the development of dengue fever vaccines and medications is urgently needed.


Lack of Vaccines and Treatments, the Dengue Fever Medical Market to Reach $5.4 Billion

With the recent trend in epidemics, dengue fever treatment is poised to become a future biomedical hotspot. However, due to the extremely high medical technology threshold, currently approved vaccines and drugs are as rare as hen’s teeth. Coupled with the escalating dengue fever epidemic, there is currently a massive demand in the clinical market, especially in countries severely affected by dengue fever such as Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and others. According to the international market research firm Growth Market Reports, the market valuation of dengue fever medical treatment is expected to grow 6 times in the next 10 years, reaching a staggering $5.4 billion.


Starting from Taiwan, AMS BioteQ Develops Taiwan’s First Dengue Fever Medication

To overcome the treatment challenges posed by dengue fever, Taiwan’s AMS BioteQ has been dedicated several years to DENV. We recently announced the successful demonstration of a drug’s inhibitory effects on the dengue virus, making us the first company in Taiwan to develop a potential treatment  for dengue fever.
Meanwhile, the bilateral trials conducted in Taiwan and Thailand, the effectiveness of  COVID-19 antiviral drugs, YUAN-01 and YUAN-03, obviously inhibiting the infectivity of the dengue virus (DENV-2) has been confirmed. Dr. George Tsai, Chairman of AMS BioteQ, pointed out that these drugs have the potential to become candidates for dengue fever treatment and have also initiated subsequent phases of animal testing. Furthermore, AMS BioteQ plans to collaborate with renowned international pharma, new drug development funds, and other entities to unite strategic alliances. This will provide further data for the drugs and jointly develop dengue fever medications with a better economic scale, targeting the global market.


Looking globally, New Zealand Startups Secure Substantial Funding for Dengue Fever Treatment

As the dengue fever treatment market continues to expand, New Zealand startup Kimer Med has secured millions of dollars in funding for the development of drugs targeting dengue fever and Zika virus. They anticipate advancing these drugs to the clinical trial phase within the next 2 years.

AMS BioteQ, located on the same biomedical track, is also accelerating the development of small-molecule drugs, and increasing the success rate of drug research through its proprietary AI drug screening platform. This strategic move aims to widen the gap between competitors and stand out in the field. Moreover, our unique technological advantages will further enhance the development of dengue fever medications. In the future, we’ll plan to collaborate with health authorities from various countries to jointly address challenging public health issues.