AMS BioteQ Debuts in Medical Japan Tokyo 2023: Expanding into New Healthcare Markets

2023.10.25 by Geneonline

Medical Japan Tokyo was held grandly from October 11 to 13, gathering medical professionals, manufacturers, medical institutions and research units from around the world. AMS BioteQ Co., Ltd. made its first appearance in the exhibition and became one of the spotlight. Founded in 2018, AMS BioteQ (TPE: 6864) specializes in the microbial field, particularly in solving the problem of antibiotic resistance. Utilizing its patented biotechnological process, ExtrO™, the company has successfully developed several technologies and products, including a novel natural antibacterial material called MediAce®, which could promote wound healing process.


Medical Japan is a leading international healthcare exhibition held in Japan, covering various sectors such as medical devices, medical equipment, elderly care, and the pharmaceutical industry. The exhibition serves as a significant gateway for entering the Japanese and broader Asian healthcare markets. It attracts a diverse range of visitors, including professionals in medical devices, medical supplies, and elderly care, as well as importers and distributors. The exhibition is composed of six specialized sub-exhibitions and offers a platform for active and effective business interactions.

Innovative Moist Treatment, Yielding Novel Wound Healing Process

Moist treatment creates a conducive environment for accelerated healing by facilitating autolytic debridement, reducing pain, and promoting collagen synthesis and keratinocyte formation. This approach outperforms traditional dressings like gauze and bandages, speeding up the healing process by 3-5 times. Particularly effective for diabetic foot ulcers, moist treatment helps regulate the extracellular matrix, thereby aiding wound closure.


Leveraging this concept, AMS BioteQ has developed a new series of hydrophilic dressings called SIPSIPTM, crafted from eco-friendly materials. These dressings excel in anti-adhesion, anti-scarring, and tissue regeneration. The SIPSIPTM series is available in three specialized types: "Complex", "Pro", and "Foam", each engineered with patented, non-allergenic, and highly absorbent properties. "Complex" offers comprehensive wound care and scar prevention, "Pro" is tailored for sensitive skin with superior moisturizing capabilities, and "Foam" is designed for optimal absorbency and minimal wound adhesion.


A key innovation in the SIPSIPTM series is the use of gelatin as the primary ingredient. It absorbs wound exudate to form a protective gel layer, maintaining a moist wound environment. This feature not only ensures biocompatibility but also offers a cost-effective solution. The dressings have distinct pores with an average size between 60 and 70 μm and a porosity ranging from 60% to 67%. According to EN-13726-1 standards, these dressings can absorb approximately 25-35 times their own weight in liquid, making them highly effective in wound management.

AMS-2140, an Innovative Anti-Dengue Drug

Beyond its cutting-edge dressing technology, AMS BioteQ is also set to introduce AMS-2140, a groundbreaking anti-dengue agent in this event. CEO Dr. George Tsai secured the extraction methodology from National Chung Hsing University, allowing the company to source AMS-2140 from botanicals. Notably, this compound has demonstrated the ability to neutralize the dengue virus while maintaining non-toxicity to animal models, positioning AMS BioteQ as a potential leader in Dengue therapeutics.


Throughout the event, R&D Director Dr. Ying-Ting Yeh and R&D Manager Dr. Caleb Tang had offered in-depth presentations on SIPSIPTM Pro and AMS-2140. They extended a warm invitation to all biotech professionals to delve into the specifics of these innovative products and explore potential collaborative ventures.