AMS BioteQ Wound Dressing Approved, Expanding into Innovative Medical Care Market

AMS BioteQ (stock code: 6864), a leading biotechnology company, announced on the 21st that its innovative medical care material, "SIPSIP Foam Yuanzhang Cotton Wound Dressing," has successfully obtained approval from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), with a medical device approval permit number. This product boasts excellent anti-adhesive properties, high absorbency, and tissue regeneration capabilities, making it especially suitable for wound care needs in the elderly and diabetes populations. The unique physical structure of the dressing enhances its water absorption capacity, accelerating the wound healing process.


Founded in 2018, AMS BioteQ has been focusing on the microbiology field, particularly addressing antibiotic resistance issues. Utilizing its patented bioengineering technology, ExtrO, the company has successfully developed various high-potential projects, including the novel natural antibacterial raw material, MediAce, which promotes wound healing. AMS BioteQ has concentrated on the development of the innovative hydrophilic dressing series named SIPSIP, including SIPSIP Foam, SIPSIP Pro, and SIPSIP Complex. These dressings feature patented wound composite technology, hypoallergenic properties, and high absorbency, contributing significantly to wound care. The products not only exhibit biocompatibility and high hydrophilicity but have also demonstrated, through animal experiments using a mouse wound model, their effectiveness in promoting wound healing and functional tissue regeneration.


Gaining attention for its innovative and unique therapy, the SIPSIP hydrophilic dressing made its debut at the Medical Japan International Medical Exhibition in October of this year. It received considerable attention from various sectors, with over a thousand visitors during the exhibition, and an effective visitor ratio of fifty percent. Apart from the seventy percent of local Japanese visitors, approximately twenty percent came from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia, with the latter mainly representing Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The remaining ten percent of visitors came from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, including Belgium, Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. The diverse composition of visitors included import-export traders, medical equipment agents, and personnel from hospitals and long-term care institutions, including many decision-makers.


With the successful acquisition of TFDA medical device certification, AMS BioteQ aims to expand its international market presence. Additionally, recognizing the vast demand among Japan's aging population, the company is actively engaging with Japanese partners and preparing to apply for relevant permits for medical equipment in Japan, with revenue growth expected in 2024. AMS BioteQ's innovative products and technology have opened up new avenues in the field of medical care, generating high expectations from the industry and investors. In its fifth year since establishment, AMS BioteQ has successfully established both pharmaceutical research and development and self-developed dressing tracks, offering a more diverse range of choices for medical professionals and patients. The company plans to continue investing in the development of various indications, expanding its international market presence, and exerting technological influence, with the aspiration to become a leading brand in the innovative medical care market.