AMS BioteQ's International Expansion Facilitates Immediate Aid for Post-War Reconstruction in Ukraine.

AMS BioteQ's International Expansion Facilitates Immediate Aid for Post-War Reconstruction in Ukraine.

The "Connecting with Ukraine" economic revitalization event, orchestrated by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), convened from February 15th to 17th, 2024. This gathering served as a platform uniting businesses, manufacturers, and research institutions from Japan and Ukraine, pooling their resources to aid in the post-war reconstruction endeavors of Ukraine.

In this collaborative effort, AMS BioteQ (TPE: 6864) received an invitation from it’s Japanese partner to showcase the cutting-edge medical care product line, SIPSIP. Engineered with attributes such as exceptional absorbency and wound-healing promotion, SIPSIP facilitates superior tissue regeneration, addressing the urgent requirements of the battlefield by providing immediate relief for burn and scald injuries sustained by wounded soldiers.


As the Ukraine-Russia conflict approaches its resolution, Western nations are formulating strategies for Ukraine's post-war reconstruction. Preliminary assessments by the World Bank indicate a projected investment requirement of $411 billion (approximately NT$12.5 trillion) for the reconstruction stage. However, given Ukraine's substantial population and economic capacity, the GDP generated during the reconstruction process is anticipated to surpass the World Bank's initial estimates. Insights from the Taiwan Trade Center Kyiv's research report reveal a robust growth trend in the medical consumables market in Ukraine, with an average compound annual growth rate of 18% from 2014 to 2019. Projections indicate a significant expansion in the post-war market size, with tens of millions of dollars earmarked for the procurement of trauma medicines and medical devices.



During an interview with NHK in Tokyo on the 19th, Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal underscored Japan's expertise, knowledge, and technology in post-disaster reconstruction efforts, citing them as invaluable assets for Ukraine's swift recovery. In response, Dr. George Tsai, Chairman of AMS BioteQ, reiterated a steadfast commitment to collaborating with Japanese counterparts to actively monitor and support Ukraine's reconstruction endeavors.

Aligned with the European Union's framework, Dr. Tsai emphasized their shared aspiration to emerge as pivotal partners for global companies engaged in the implementation of Ukraine's reconstruction initiatives. This collaborative effort signals a promising alliance aimed at fostering sustainable development and prosperity in the region, resonating with the broader international community.


AMS BioteQ is at the forefront of microbiology research, simultaneously spearheading drug development and innovative medical material advancements. Leveraging its proprietary biotechnology, ExtrO, the company actively drives forward multiple high-potential projects, including the revolutionary SIPSIP series dressing products unveiled at recent events.



In an interview with Ukrainian media outlet Ukraine Radio, R&D Supervisor Mr. Ying-Ting Yeh highlighted the distinctive features of this product line, which integrates patented composite technology and groundbreaking physical structures. Notably, extensive animal experiments utilizing mouse wound models have validated its efficacy in promoting wound healing and fostering functional tissue regeneration.

During the event, attendance surpassed a thousand visitors, featuring esteemed guests such as the Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan, the Chairman of NPO Kraiany (Association of friendship Ukraine-Japan NPO Kraiany), Ukrainian sumo wrestler Shishi Masaru, etc. The showcased product garnered substantial attention across diverse industries. Building upon this success, AMS BioteQ is leveraging its technical prowess and extensive experience in medical material development to establish a robust healthcare infrastructure. This initiative aims to meet the needs of both military and post-war markets, with a broader goal of extending assistance to a larger populace while addressing critical global wound care challenges.


Chairman Dr. Tsai has announced that AMS BioteQ is actively forging alliances with European, American, and Japanese business partners to spearhead post-war reconstruction efforts. By securing reconstruction projects with these partners, AMS BioteQ aims to swiftly integrate into the global supply chain, thereby boosting company revenue through targeted reconstruction endeavors. Moreover, AMS BioteQ is committed to advancing the development of antimicrobial and hemostatic medical materials, further enhancing its capacity to address the comprehensive healthcare needs of military personnel in the future.