AMS BioteQ Invited to Inaugural CPHI Japan 2024



CPHI Japan was held grandly from April 17 to 19 this year (2024). It is Japan's largest and most internationally recognized annual pharmaceutical industry exhibition. With over 400 pharmaceutical raw material, equipment, and service suppliers participating each year, AMS BioteQ (TPE: 6864) was invited by the National Science Council's Southern Taiwan  Science Park (STSP)Administration to showcase its achievements in the form of a themed pavilion. The company showcased its research results in "Anti-viral Plant-based New Drugs" and "Novel Anti-tumor Therapies," targeting the precision health market.


AMS BioteQ focused on drug discovery during this event, unveiling two major thematic projects: "AMS-2140, a novel antiviral plant-based drug" extracted from natural plants, has been confirmed effective against various emerging viruses with low toxicity residues, positioning it as a future star in traditional Chinese medicine; "Perfect Compound-  Premium Vitality Drink," brewed from a variety of precious medicinal materials, can regulate physiological functions and promote metabolism with long-term consumption, providing daily vitality replenishment. AMS BioteQ has recently collaborated with the E-DA Cancer Hospital for human clinical trials, clinically proven to effectively assist cancer patients and greatly improve their postoperative recovery, making it the best nutritional supplement for cancer patients during treatment.


During the exhibition, there was a steady stream of visitors, with effective visitors accounting for 50%. Apart from 60% of local Japanese visitors, the rest came from China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Southeast Asia, with Southeast Asian visitors mainly from India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The remaining 10% of visitors came from Europe and South America, such as Switzerland and Chile. In addition, the composition of visitors was diverse, including raw material suppliers, pharmaceutical representatives, import and export traders, medical device agents, medical institutions, and long-term care facilities, including many core decision-makers.


To find out more opportunities for cooperation between Taiwan and Japan, AMS BioteQ actively participated in the Taiwan-Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Exchange and Matchmaking Conference organized by the STSP Administration of the National Science Council on the 18th. The company also demonstrated its latest research and development capabilities during the meeting, attracting the attention of many Japanese pharmaceutical-related companies and obtaining opportunities for one-on-one matchmaking, thereby creating more possibilities for business exchanges.


AMS BioteQ showcased two drug research results and one innovative technology at this event, receiving high attention. The company plans to accelerate the application for relevant permits in Japan this year and rapidly expand into the Japanese healthcare market, expecting revenue growth in 2025. During the event, AMS BioteQ researchers also attended it, and providing detailed introductions to its potential products, demonstrating AMS BioteQ's research and development capabilities in biopharmaceuticals. Through this conference, the company's innovative products and technologies have opened up new directions in the field of precision health care, attracting high attention from both domestic and international industries and investors.