AMS BioteQ Enters Shanghai, Targets China's Health and Wellness Market


The National Pharmaceutical Trade Fair (PHARMCHINA) was grandly held in Shanghai, China, from May 15 to 17, 2024. It is a large-scale professional exhibition for health nutrition and wellness products in China. This year, three exhibitions (PHARMCHINA/NHNE/Api China) were held jointly, covering an area of 170,000 square meters, with participation from more than 20 countries and 4,000 well-known enterprises. AMS BioteQ (stock code: 6864-TW) made its debut in the Chinese market, advancing to the overseas brand exhibition area to showcase its drug research achievements in "anti-viral botanical new drugs" and "new anti-tumor adjunctive therapies," thereby seizing new trends in the Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition industry market.



AMS BioteQ is focusing on pharmaceutical research and development, utilizing its proprietary bioengineering technology, ExtrO. This initiative features two major projects. The first, "Perfect Formula - AMS Supreme Vitality Drink," is crafted from a variety of precious medicinal herbs. Long-term consumption can regulate physiological functions, boost metabolism, and provide daily energy replenishment. In collaboration with E-DA Cancer Hospital, human clinical trials have demonstrated that this drink effectively aids cancer patients, significantly improving their quality of life during post-operative recovery, making it an excellent nutritional supplement during treatment.

The second project, "Anti-Viral Herbal New Drug AMS-2140," is a small molecule drug extracted from natural plants. Animal experiments have shown that it effectively combats various emerging viruses with low residual toxicity, positioning it as a promising future star in traditional Chinese medicine.

Additionally, AMS BioteQ is introducing the groundbreaking "Antibody Drug (ADC) Linker TenTacle," which is extracted from natural substances. It is characterized by high water solubility, non-toxicity, high suitability, and specificity, representing a new structural composition.



During the exhibition, AMS BioteQ's booth was bustling with visitors, with an estimated attendance of 150,000 people. AMS BioteQ attracted significant attention from major Chinese companies, including renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers like China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm), Tongde Pharmaceutical, and Chia Tai Tianqing, as well as cross-border e-commerce giants like Da Hong Ying and Xiamen Rong Wan Xiang. The company also received an interview from China Central Television (CCTV). 

AMS BioteQ Chairman Cai Yiru stated that their participation in the Shanghai exhibition aims to provide better solutions for post-cancer surgery care and the fight against emerging viruses. This event also serves as an opportunity to showcase AMS BioteQ's pharmaceutical research capabilities to the Chinese market and explore potential opportunities. 

Post-pandemic, people's awareness of personal health has increased, and there is a growing focus on nutrition and wellness. Innovative health products, in particular, are gaining acceptance. By leveraging AMS BioteQ's research and development strength and integrating the industrial chain of the Taiwanese brand, the company hopes to capture a significant share of the Chinese health product market.



For the Chinese market, the "Healthy China" strategy has become a significant engine for industrial development, with national health elevated to a national strategy. In recent years, multiple departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the State Council, the National Health Commission, and the National Medical Products Administration have successively issued regulations, support measures, and development plans for the health and wellness industry. These policies have strongly supported the related industries. It is estimated that by 2030, the average life expectancy in China will reach 79 years, the infant mortality rate will be 5.0%, and the total scale of the health service industry will reach 16 trillion RMB. This constitutes the policy goals of China's health and wellness industry. AMS BioteQ believes that as long as the rise of the Chinese middle class continues, the demand for high-quality health supplements will keep growing, resulting in a substantial market size for health products. AMS BioteQ stated that it will continue to promote the recognition of its own brand and reinforce the image of its medical-grade products. Additionally, it plans to collaborate with local distributors to expand its channels and enter the Chinese health and wellness market.